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Published: 2010-02-11. Last modified: 2010-03-04.

D-MINE Training Improvised Explosive Device IED-R1001

Click for larger imageThe Training Improvised Explosive Device IED-R1001 offers multiple functions with a wide range of possibilities when training Booby Trap anti-handling.  The device operates wireless in combination with the control panel in the D-MINE training system.  The IED training kit consists of 10 units with individually coded transmitters.

Individual push-switches indicate activated functions:


The device can be used even for Tripwiring and at Counter-Terrorism training.

Every device has an unique number and communicates with the control panel. When triggered, a signal from the inbuildt transmitter activates a light-emitted diode (LED) on the control panel.  If the alarm is set on the control panel,  also a sound indicates that the Improvised Explosive Device has been triggered.

Designation: D-MINE  Improvised Explosive Device IED-R1001
Size: Casing  90 x 90 x 30 mm
Pressure plate diameter 40 mm
Material: Durable delrin
Power source: Battery 3,6 V

Developed in cooperation with ANAMA Azerbaijan National Agency of Mine Action

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